Generating Sets

COPELOUZOS GROUP, through its 100% subsidiary DAMCO ENERGY S.A. is active in the sales, installation and rental of Generating Sets.

DAMCO ENERGY S.A. in cooperation with international firms has supplied to the Public Power Corporation (PPC) and to various industries, “turn key” power generating units comprising of generating sets.

The company possesses an extensive portfolio of modern power generating sets, based on both two-stroke and four-stroke engines. The sets can be used as base load units for electricity production in Power Plants that supply the National Grid, as well as for power and steam production purposes in the industry. Furthermore, they can be used as back up, stand-by units for covering emergency situations. If needed, the generating sets can be delivered in containers specially designed for easy transport and installation.

DAMCO ENERGY S.A. through its cooperation with international firms can also supply high output generating sets that operate with different fuel types ( heavy fuel oil, natural gas or diesel ). The generating sets can be delivered on a turnkey basis and the GROUP may undertake their operation and / or their maintenance, upon relevant request from the client.

The GROUP undertakes the maintenance / repair of installed units, regardless of their manufacturer or the type of their engine ( 2stroke or 4stroke ). Through specialized, highly skilled crews, the GROUP is maintaining a significant number of units ( CEGIELSKI, MAN, GMT, FINCANTIERI ) installed mainly at PPC Stations in the islands, also supplying, wherever is necessary the relevant spare parts ( new or reconditioned ).

The GROUP also possesses used units in perfect condition that can be delivered upon urgent request of the client.

For a detailed catalogue of the available equipment and quantities, please contact:

Projects undertaken by the GROUP:


  • In the field of base-load diesel engine units, the turnkey supply of 4 generating sets x 12.3 MW to the Linoperamata power plant in Crete, of 2 x 13 MW to the Soroni power plant in Rhodes, of 2 x 6.3 MW + 1 x 12.3 MW to the Samos power plant, of 1 x 11 MW and 1 x 12.3 MW to the Chios power plant etc.
  • In the field of gas turbine units, the turn-key delivery of a 13.2 MW GT unit in Santorini power plant, a fast track project that was completed in just 6 months from the receipt of the order.

  • In the field of portable units, the supply to the Public Power Corporation (PPC), of a 2.5 MW generating set in a container, operating with fuel oil (in total, the Group has supplied PPC with nine portable fuel oil units.



DAMCO ENERGY S.A. is also active in the rental of generating sets that can be used for the coverage of seasonal peaks in demand, ( e.g. seasonal peaks to the national grid as well as to the islands during the summer period ) or for the covering of emergency needs ( e.g. in cases of physical disasters due to storms, malfunctions to power stations etc ), as well as for the safe, uninterrupted and autonomous electrification during significant events ( such as sports events ).

The GROUP possesses a leading position in the Greek market and has already signed a significant number of Contracts with PPC to meet the increased electric power demand of the national grid ( Megalopolis ), as well as of the Greek islands ( Paros, Mykonos, Kos, Rodos, Crete ) during the summer period.

The GROUP is also active abroad, as it has signed significant contracts ( Cyprus and elsewhere ).

The GROUP is able to provide all the necessary services that are related to the rental of generating sets such as transportation and installation, operation and maintenance during the rental period, as well as de-installation after the expiration of the Contract.

Typical project undertaken by the Group in this sector are the following:

  • Turnkey installation of 35 MW generating sets to the PPC station in Megalopolis in order to meet the summer peaks during the period 2008-2011.
  • Turnkey installation of  45 MW generating sets to the AHK station in Vassiliko-Cyprus in order to meet special needs (2011-2012).





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