Electricity Supply

1. Electricity Market Liberalization

Electricity market liberalization in Greece allows both customers to choose their electricity supplier as well electricity suppliers to represent their eligible customers without any impact or interruption to energy supply by exploiting the existing regulatory framework.


2. Continuous presence in Electricity Sector

COPELOUZOS GROUP has a long and continuous presence in the Energy sector, particularly in electricity. In 2002 COPELOUZOS GROUP in partnership with NEK EAD, Bulgarian state electricity company, established NECO S.A., a Greek company active in electricity trading which has evolved into one of the major suppliers in the market. Main activities of NECO S.A. consist in the import and trading of electricity from Greece’s northern interconnections (Bulgaria, F.Y.R.O.M., and Albania) into the Greek Electricity market, as well as importing/exporting electricity from/to Italy and Turkey.

COPELOUZOS GROUP long-term planning includes, apart from the aforementioned partnership, further penetration in the electricity sector and particularly in electricity supply market.


3. NOVAERA ENERGY A.E. and the existing Legal and Operational Framework

Taking advantage of the opportunity emerging from electricity market liberalization, COPELOUZOS GROUP established NOVAERA ENERGY S.A., which has been holding an electricity license of 300 MW since early 2010 issued by the Ministry or Reconstruction of Production, Environment & Energy (former Ministry of Environment Energy & Climate Change, YPEKA) and also registered in Participants Register of the Operator of Electricity Market, LAGIE).


4. Medium and High Voltage customers service

NOVAERA ENERGY S.A.’s primary objective is electricity supply to Medium and High Voltage consumers within the Greek Interconnected Power System.

With the approval of the Code for Power Supply to Consumers in 2013 (Greek Government Gazette Β’ 832/09.04.2013) as it is in force, and thereby its implementation, NOVAERA ENERGY S.A. aims to become – in the long run - a leader in the domestic retail electricity market.


5. Products - Tariffs

General Conditions of Electricity Supply as well as Electricity Tariffs for Medium and High Voltage customers are adjusted to the special characteristics of each consumer and the services agreed between the Supplier and the Customer. Medium and High Voltage Tariffs result within the context of negotiations, always in accordance with the principles of free market competition.

NOVAERA ENERGY S.A. reserves the right to add Special Terms supplementary to the existing and potential customer service.


6. Contact


 Address:   209, Kifissias Avenue, Maroussi, 151 24, Athens
 Tel:   +302106141106-15
 Fax:   +302106140371-2


7. Useful Links

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