Electricity Trading

The electricity trading activities of COPELOUZOS GROUP are carried out through its subsidiary company NECO S.A. a joint company with the Bulgarian Public Electric Power Production and Transmission Company, NEK EAD.

The main activities of NEK EAD are:

  • the generation and transmission of electricity,
  • the purchase and sale of electricity,
  •  the supply of electricity to customers connected to the transmission network,
  • the import and export of electricity,
  • the construction and maintenance of power plants as well as of power transmission facilities.

NEK EAD possesses a significant electricity production capacity in the neighbouring country through a wide mixture of fuels, including nuclear power, thermo-electric power, as well as a significant production capacity of hydroelectric power.  Furthermore, NEK EAD is further expanding its capacity with the construction of a new nuclear plant and hydroelectric plants.

The main activity of NECO S.A. is the import and trading of electricity from Bulgaria to domestic Eligible Customers and to the domestic Transmission System, hence contributing to the security of the electric power supply in Greece.

NECO S.A. has entered into a significant number of long-term agreements with Suppliers and Eligible Customers in Greece for the sale of large quantities of electricity to the Greek borders and the Hellenic System. The company is also active at the Greek – Italian and Greek - Turkish borders through the import - export of electricity.

Today, NECO S.A. holds an important position in the international market of electricity trading. The company targets to become active in the whole spectrum of the energy market, including the construction of new power plants in the neighbouring country as well as in the greater area of Balkans and in the market of electricity distribution.


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