COPELOUZOS GROUP, having foreseen the significance of environmentally friendly waste management, is strongly active in this sector. Under this framework, the GROUP has developed strategic cooperation's with international firms, specialized in the various waste management methods.

Today, the GROUP is capable of participating in the implementation of turn-key waste management projects that will be developed either in the form of Concession Agreements or in the form of Public Private Partnerships ( PPPs ) in urban centers of Greece. One of the comparative advantages of the GROUP is the capability to finance such projects. Thus, the business scheme developed by the GROUP, combines effectively the know-how with the financial strength and is a highly advisable solution for the State Organizations for Management of Solid Waste ( FODSA ), the Municipal Corporations and any other public organizations active in waste management issues. It is stressed that the GROUP, apart from any tendering procedure, includes in its business plans the implementation of private investments in the area of waste management.


Areas of interest are:


Recycling Sorting Plants

Mechanical Biological Treatment of MSW ( aerobic, anaerobic, biological drying )

Thermal Treatment of MSW

Waste, Residues Sanitary Landfills

Exploitation of Biogas deriving from Landfills or Anaerobic Digestion


The Group’s activities also include the conducting of market researches, the elaboration of technical / financial viability / feasibility studies, environmental impact studies as well as consulting services for license / subsidy / financing procedures for relevant small/large scale projects and all types of waste.

The GROUP, participating actively in the development of the environmental awareness / sustainability principles as well as ensuring the sustainable urban development, is a reliable partner for investments in “Green Energy Sources”.

The Group through its company, NOVAERA HELLAS S.A. has several times participated and has been preselected in short lists of tenders for Waste Management Projects – PPP, such as:


  • DIADYMA S.A. Waste Management Project of Western Macedonia Region
  • Waste Management Project of the Region of Peloponnese
  • Waste Management Project of the region of Serres



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