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Prometheus Gas of Copelouzos Group organised the 17th Annual General Meeting of European Business Congress (EBC)

The natural gas use in the transportation sector and its contribution to the environmental protection both globallyand at a European levelcame to the forefrontof the 17th EBC Annual General Meetinghosted by PROMETHEUS GAS SA, a joint company of GAZPROM and COPELOUZOS GROUP, held in Athens today.

The Congress was moderated by Dr. Alexey Miller, Chairman of the GAZPROM Management Committee and President of the EBC. The Welcome Addresses were delivered by the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Mr. Yannis Maniatis, the CEO of DEPA, Mr. Spyros Palaiogiannis, the CEO of PROMETHEUS GAS SA, Mr. Dimitris Copelouzos, while Mr. Vladimir Chkhikvishvili, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Greece and Mr.George Spanoudis, the President of DEPA, have honoured the meeting with their presence.

In his report Dr. Miller highlighted the significanceof natural gas use as a vehicle fuel.As his report outlines, GAZPROM is a globalenergy companyand wishes to change the situation in the transportation sector. GAZPROM already cooperates closely with the key players of the automobilemanufacturing industry. We also intend to expand the retail network of natural gas refuelling stations. This will support the economic growth and competitiveness as well as contribute to the environmental protection. Dr. Miller also referred to the historical long-term agreement signed with China. Alexei Miller said the new gas contract was the world’s largest commercial deal everworth as much as $400 billion.

As he pointed out: “The significance of this contract will be appreciated later, as it will certainly affect the European prices as well.Still, Europe has always been and will remain our number one market. Of course, Gazprom is committed not only to retaining its share in the European market, but also to increasing it“.

Regarding South Stream, Dr. Miller emphasized that the project is being implemented in strict compliance with the adopted scheduleand the first gas will arrive in Bulgaria at the end of next year.

The CEO of PROMETHEUS GAS SA Mr. Dimitris Copelouzos welcomed the delegates and stressed the importance of organizing the conference in Greece, by saying: “Today we welcome 370 executives from the most prestigious companies worldwide. Today’s meeting demonstrates the trust in our country and marks the development to be launched for the benefit of the Greek people. I think that the great opportunities in the energy sector offered by Greece will be appreciated by the delegates. We intend to develop our positions and to motivate them to invest in our country”.

Referring to the European Business Congress, Mr. Dimitris Copelouzos said: “From its foundation until today, the European Business Conference is a solid platform for fruitful dialogue among the member- companies and a rich knowledge base for those involved in it. The European Business Conference has performed important work and has taken serious initiatives in the energy sector. EBC’s proposals towards the governments of member-states of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) contributed to important and useful decisions”. Concluding, Mr. Copelouzos pointed out the importance of natural gas for the Economy: “The gas was, is and will be one of the major energy commodities of our planet, the cornerstone for covering basic energy needs as well as for proper and balanced functioning of energy markets”.

Upon completion, Dr. Alexey Miller presented Mr. Dimitris Copelouzos with a Certificate of Appreciation for his significant personal contribution to the energy sector. Followed a private meeting between the Chairman of the GAZPROM Management Committee Dr. Alexey Miller and the CEO of PROMETHEUS GAS SA Mr. Dimitris Copelouzos.

The EBC comprises today 137 members from 24 countries of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) members and is composed of eminent personalities with global prestige and influence. EBC aims at supporting economic cooperation development between the the OSCE countries, promoting constructive dialogue between political leaders and private business as well as devising future energy strategies worldwide.

PROMETHEUS GAS SA which was founded in 1991 is the first joint company founded globally by GAZPROM. OAO GAZPROM, through its 100% subsidiary Gazpromexport controls 50% of PROMETHEUS GAS SA shares, while the remaining 50% of the PROMETHEUS GAS SA equity is controlled by Dimitrios Chr. Copelouzos. In order to develop the natural gas market in the country, the company has secured from GAZPROM significant quantities of natural gas for a period of 50 years. After 23 years of operation, PROMETHEUS GAS SA is one of the most efficient and strategically significant partners of GAZPROM’s international business group.






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