Zea Marina
The first marina concession in Greece.
  • 620 berths
    in fixed and floating piers
  • 40 years
  • €16.6 MILLION

Copelouzos Group invests in infrastructure projects that help improving the conditions of urban living. Such a project was the development and the operation of Zea Marina for a period of 40 years in which the Group invested in the past.

With investments reaching €20 million, the modernization of the Zea Marina led to the total upgrading of the urban environment thus highlighting Zea Marina as an entertainment and recreational center.

The Marina is one of the largest in the country and a pole of attraction for several Greek owned and foreign private yachts that venture touring trips in the Greek seas.

Covering a sea area that reaches 225.000 m2, the marina is located at Freatyda and Passalimani (Piraeus) with maximum depth of 12 meters, it has 620 berths in fixed and floating piers totaling a length of 832 and 464 meters respectively, with a capacity to accommodate boats the length of which ranges from 8 up to 130 meters.

In the shore zone that occupies an area of 40.000 m2 the Zea Marina has parking spaces available for boat owners and visitors, food and beverage stores, refueling station, as well as a number of commercial stores and boat spare parts and accessories, that can fully cover the needs of yacht owners and visitors.