Message From the Founder of Copelouzos Group

More than fifty years of continuous activity and development in strategic sectors, with substantial success, led to the establishment of our Group’s Leading Position in the Greek market.

Our corporate culture and philosophy is based on a series of values and principles, to which we remain focused. Team work, integrity, innovation and mutual trust constitute the cornerstone of all our activities.

From the early 70s, our Group has formed partnerships with international corporations and acquired know-how and expertise in the sectors in which, today, we retain a leading position.

Our gradual and smooth development created strong foundations for the achievement of our goals.

Our long and trustful collaboration with foreign corporations has ensured stable bonds and joint companies which operate and develop in the most significant sectors of our economy.

Our consistency towards our customers is our most significant obligation. The timely and proper completion and delivery of our projects with top quality standards comprise our most fundamental goal.

Our Group adjusts its strategy to the changing economic, business and environmental conditions and is susceptive to the new opportunities and challenges that appear.

The implementation of our development plans and collaborations through ways that ensure respect towards the human factor and the environment, comprise a matter of utmost significance.

The Group, during the last fifteen years, has been investing 80% of its profits in strategic sectors of the Greek Economy with excellent results, ensuring substantial revenues and confidence for the future.

With careful planning and hard work we expect to continue in contributing to the improvement of living conditions in our country, providing jobs, boosting the national economy and supporting the country. Having confidence in Greece, we continue to invest in our country and its people.

Dimitris Chr. Copelouzos