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Since the early 2000s, the Group is investing in innovation and premium quality for advertisements at airports and public transportation modes.
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Copelouzos Group decided to invest in the outdoor advertising sector since the early 2000s.

The Group’s strategic target was, and still is, to develop a forward momentum in the outdoor advertising sector, which is closely associated with advertisements in moving media, airport areas and public transportation modes in general.

By investing in companies such as Interbus in Greece, Copelouzos Group focuses on the development of advertisements placed at high foot traffic areas in airports and alongside with the continuous utilization of advertising means at city and interurban buses, track based vehicles and trains, as well as metro and train stations, showcases airports, public transportation modes and passenger stations as reliable areas for advertisement.

As a shareholder in outdoor advertisement companies, Copelouzos Group invests in innovation and new technology, aiming to provide premium services and upgrade the companies’ advertising means.

Interbus S.A.
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