Natural Gas
Copelouzos Group through Prometheus Gas S.A. holds a leading position in the Greek natural gas market.
  • 1 BCM
  • > 1000 KM
  • 30 YEARS

PROMETHEUS GAS S.A. is a joint Greek-Russian company, which was founded in 1991 in Athens.

The shareholding base of PROMETHEUS GAS S.A. is consisted of GAZPROMEXPORT LLC (100% subsidiary of PJSC GAZPROM), which controls 50% of the company’s equity and PYRSOS HOLDINGS S.A., a Copelouzos Group company that controls the remaining 50%.

PJSC GAZPROM is one of the largest energy conglomerates in the world and the main supplier of natural gas in Europe. The Russian conglomerate possesses the world’s largest gas transmission system (156.900 km) and operates more than 514.200 km of natural gas distribution pipelines. PJSC GAZPROM exports natural gas in 31 countries around the world, while in 2018, PJSC GAZPROM supplied the European market with circa 200 billion m3 of natural gas.

The main objective of PROMETHEUS GAS S.A. is the import and marketing of Russian natural gas in the Greek market, in which the company is successfully active since autumn 2016 with annual gas sales of circa 1 billion m3.

PROMETHEUS GAS S.A., having secured from PJSC GAZPROM large quantities of natural gas via long term contract for the next years, will continue to supply the Greek market with proportional quantities in the future.

PROMETHEUS GAS S.A. is also active in the construction of infrastructure projects related to natural gas and electricity power production. In relation to the natural gas sector, it has constructed in the Greek territory over 1.000 km of high pressure natural gas transportation pipelines and more than 340 km of distribution pipelines, both medium and low pressure. Additionally, it has constructed the major compression station of the Transmission System as well as a large number of metering – regulating (M/R) stations and final distribution connections.

PROMETHEUS GAS S.A. is the most experienced and reliable private company in the natural gas supply and construction of energy infrastructure projects in Greece.