Development Of Floating LNG Infrastructure

DAMCO ENERGY S.A. has proven experience in the design, engineering and licensing of Floating Liquefied Natural Gas Storage and Regasification Units (LNG FSRU) as well as of onshore and offshore natural gas transmission systems.

The technical expertise of DAMCO ENERGY S.A. includes all the stages for the development of modern Natural Gas infrastructures, such as:

  • implementation of market research
  • feasibility study
  • siting location
  • risk assessment
  • technical studies
  • investment cost analysis
  • licensing based on the International, European and National regulatory framework
  • design and optimal selection of financial tools for each project

The expert executives of DAMCO ENERGY S.A. undertake the design of custom – made solutions of high demand projects both in technical and business level.

DAMCO ENERGY’s strong experience in the design, development and implementation of energy infrastructure guarantees the best technical and economic solutions as well as the guidance for access to the most advantageous financial tools.