KION S.A. was founded in 1996. The aim of the company’s founders and their partners was to cover the need for managing complicated and sophisticated development of special construction projects, by following clearly defined procedures  in terms of construction duration, budget and quality.

KION S.A. services are offered to clients in both the private and public sectors, with no in-house organized technical department, which is crucial during the execution of any specialized project. Moreover, the services are offered to clients who, although possess an in-house technical department, do not have the capabilities to manage the complexities and the specific needs of such projects.

The engaging of a specialized Technical Consultant, who can adjust the methodology and tools and implement them efficiently and owns significant experience from similar projects undertaken in the past, is the key factor for any business / investment institution in order to reduce the risk in the part of the investment that is related to any kind of development.

KION S.A. provides turn-key management solutions for any large scale technical project, including Project Maturing, Project Management and Construction Management. Museums, Theatres, Exhibition / Conference Centres, Commercial Buildings, Residential Complexes and Tourist / Commercial Ports are some of the areas of expertise of the company.

KION S.A. also provides technical consulting services to the public sector and to private investors in Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects.

The company is part of COPELOUZOS GROUP since 2000.



209 Kifissias Ave., 151 24 Maroussi, Athens – Greece T.: +302106141106-115 F.: +302106140371