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Commencement of Cooperation between China Energy & Copelouzos Group

The Chinese Company CHINA ENERGY INVESTMENT CORPORATION Ltd, the largest energy producer of the world, not only from conventional sources but also from renewables, and the largest oil by coal producer in the world, and COPELOUZOS GROUP, one of the largest investment groups in Greece with a diversified range of activities such as energy and infrastructure, announce the commencement of their strategic cooperation with the entrance of CHINA ENERGY into the equity of a significant pipeline of wind farms constructed by COPELOUZOS GROUP and the joint submission of expression of interest for lignite units of PPC, which marks the beginning of their cooperation also in Conventional Power Plants.

The cooperation between the two Groups, both in the green energy sector and the environmental upgrading energy generating units, aims to expand in the Balkans as well as in other European countries.

Mr. Dimitris Copelouzos, President and CEO of Copelouzos Group stated: “Our Group believes in clean energy and the prospects of Greece. Our partnership with CHINA ENERGY is excellent and is based on the seriousness, reliability and consistency of both sides. We are confident that this cooperation will act as a catalyst for the completion of major investment and promote the energy industry of Greece, in addition to the development of cooperation between Greek and Chinese companies in many sectors of the economy. “

About China Energy Investment Corporation Ltd

China Energy is a newly-established entity after the merger of China Guodian Corporation and Shenhua Group upon the approval of the State Council of China. It was incorporated on November 22, 2017, with registered capital of 132 billion RMB (equivalent to 17.028 billion euro), with total assets of 1826.35 billion RMB (equivalent to 235.6 billion euro), 66 subsidiaries and 350,000 employees. Headquartered in Beijing, China Energy owns 7 A-share listed companies and 3H-share listed companies. It is the world’s largest producer of coal, coal-fired and wind electricity, and coal-to-liquids/chemicals products, and the largest primary and secondary energy producer in China.

China Energy has eight business segments including coal, coal-fired power generation, new energy, hydropower, transportation, chemicals, environmental technology as well as industrial finance. It is a key state-owned enterprise directly supervised by China’s central government, and one of the pilot state-owned capital investment companies. For more information on China Energy Investment Corporation Ltd you can visit the website

About Copelouzos Group

Copelouzos Group is an infrastructure investor and a fully integrated business development organization that specializes in strategic economic growth areas and specific industrial sectors, where its expertise and knowledge enable it to play an instrumental role in the conception, development and implementation of large-scale, industrial, technological and other infrastructure projects. The Group’s core business areas are: Power Plants, Energy Projects – Natural Gas, Renewable Energy Sources, Airports Management, Real Estate, Tourism, Exhibition & Congress Centers, Outdoor Advertising.

Photo 1 from left: Dr Ling Wen, President & CEO of China Energy, Weng Jieming, Vice Chairman of SASAC, Member of the SASAC Party Committee, Dimitrios Copelouzos President and CEO of Copelouzos Group.

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