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Bestowment of Mr. Dimitris Copelouzos with the Italian “Star of Order” (“Stella D’ Italia”)

Mr. Dimitris Copelouzos, President of Copelouzos Group, was bestowed the “Italian Star of Order” (“STELLA D’ITALIA”) with the title of “Knight” (“Cavaliere”), awarded by the President of the Italian Republic. The Medal “Cavaliere” was handed over by the Italian Ambassador to Greece, Mr. Luigi Marras, on a special ceremony at the Embassy of Italy in Greece.

The Medal is an honorary distinction concerning the contribution of Mr. Dimitris Copelouzos to the promotion and development of Greek-Italian business cooperation.

The Medal is awarded to Italians and citizens of other countries who, inter alia, make a decisive contribution to building Italy’s business and cultural relations with other countries.

The Italian Ambassador to Greece, Mr. Luigi Marras, referred to Mr. Copelouzos significant contribution, in the promotion of Greek-Italian relations and the considerable help he provided to Italian entrepreneurs who work for the establishment of business relations between the two countries for the purpose of progress and development.

Mr. Copelouzos thanked the Italian Republic for this important honorary distinction, stressing how important it is for Greece to strengthen and promote bilateral relations between states, with a view to their growth and prosperity.

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