Electricity Supply
The electricity supply activities of Copelouzos Group are carried out through NOVAERA ENERGY S.A.
  • 14 YEARS
    of operation
  • 300 MW
    Electricity license
  • 300.000 MWH
    Annual Sales

Taking advantage of the opportunity emerging from electricity market liberalization, COPELOUZOS GROUP established NOVAERA ENERGY S.A., which holds an electricity license of 300 MW since early 2010 issued by the Ministry of Reconstruction of Production, Environment & Energy (former Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change, YPEKA) and is registered in Participants Register of the Hellenic Energy Exchange, HEnEx S.A.

NOVAERA ENERGY S.A.’s primary objective is the electricity supply to Medium Voltage consumers within the Greek Interconnected Power System.

The fixed electric energy tariff (€ / kWh) is determined based on the specific electricity consumption characteristics of each consumer and the services being agreed between the Supplier and the Customer within the context of negotiations, always in accordance with the principles of free market competition.