Offshore Wind Parks
The development of offshore wind farms is another flagship project being prepared by Copelouzos Group, accelerating the country's green transition.
  • 216 MW
    Total capacity
  • Only Offshore
    Production License In Greece Today
  • 14 WTG
    of 15 MW

Elica, member of Copelouzos Group, holds the only production license for offshore wind parks in Greece today. In 2012, the Group received from the Regulatory Authority of Energy a Production License for the installation of a 216MW offshore wind farm in the sea area south of Alexandroupolis.

The Group has issued the first and the only existing today Production License for a 216MW offshore power plant, in the sea area south of Alexandroupolis, in Thrace in Northern Greece, which is the first realistic project of its kind due to the low depth of the sea.