Cogeneration, the simultaneous production of electrical power and thermal energy, is globally considered as one of the most important technologies in energy production, as it combines energy savings and the most effective environmental protection. Therefore it has spread very fast in Europe, while its development in Greece has become one of the most important challenges for the Greek Industry and the commercial sector.

COPELOUZOS GROUP is actively involved in cogeneration projects for industrial units and the commercial sector, such as hospitals, hotels, etc. due to its know-how, taking also into consideration the vast experience accumulated from energy projects, as well as, its significant involvement in the Greek natural gas market.

Under this framework the GROUP is in continuous contact with various Greek industries and other large customers for the development of cogeneration plants since cogeneration investments offer the customer the advantage of short amortization period and high equipment reliability.

The GROUP has already supplied various customers with 10 cogeneration / biogas exploitation units, of a total capacity that exceeds 16MW.

Due to its extensive experience and excellent knowledge of both the international and the local markets, the GROUP has the unique ability to offer suitable solutions which can meet in the best possible way the technical and financial requirements of each project.

The GROUP has been involved in a number of private and public sector cogeneration projects.

Important projects in this sector are indicatively:

  • Supply of the first CHP, natural gas-fired plant ever installed in our country, in the ceramic industry KOTHALI SA. The capacity of the plant is 1.2MWe
  • Supply of CHP, biogas-fired equipment for the Ano Liossia Landfill.  The capacity of the plant is 4×2.4 MWe.