Wind parks
In recent years, due to the harmful effects of pollutants, interest in global warming and climate change / crisis has led to an increased demand for clean and mild energy sources such as wind.

One of the main objectives of the European Union is the promotion of the Renewable Energy Sources (RES), by setting binding targets to its member states in relation to the production of electric energy. The respective percentage – target of the RES contribution to the energy balance of Greece is 20% until 2020, whereas the percentage for production of electric energy is 40%.

According to the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), which is currently in the process of being updated and according to a presentation by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the target for 2030 is the installation of onshore wind power plants with a total capacity of 7 GW, for photovoltaics the target is set at 14.1 GW. Also, a target is set for the same time horizon for 2.7 GW of offshore wind power and the installation of hydroelectric power plants with a total capacity of 4 GW.

The national energy planning has the potential to serve the goal of a low carbon dioxide emissions economy by 2030 and to be compatible with an economic path of ‘zero carbon’ by 2050. The above is a key component in the battle against climate change / crisis and in full compatibility with the Paris Agreement.

Since 1997, Copelouzos Group, as a pioneer in energy issues, has included wind energy in the portfolio of its successful activities, being aware of the fact that this form of energy would constitute an important ingredient of the global energy mixture during the following decades. The Group’s wind energy development team is experienced in every issue related to wind evaluation, energy study, planning and implementation of successful wind energy projects.

Copelouzos Group through ELICA GROUP, a joint company of DAMCO ENERGY S.A. (50%) of the Group and INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTIONAL S.A. (50%), as one of the key leaders involved in the renewable energy market in Greece has developed and constructed a large amount of wind parks, PVs and hydropower plants, achieving a significant market position in the RES market of Greece, having set in operation wind parks and PVs with a total installed capacity of 450 MW.

Additionally, the Group possesses more than 2100 MW wind park licenses in Greece (in mature licensing phase), most of them located in the Aegean Sea. It is worth mentioning the development of the 1000 MW wind parks cluster on the island of Crete, which will become the largest green island worldwide, as well as the development of the offshore wind park in Alexandroupolis-Thrace in northern Greece (the first realistic project of its kind due to the low sea depth). It is the only offshore wind farm in Greece, which currently has a valid Production License for a capacity of 216 MW. In accordance with the provisions of the recent Law 4964/2022, as it is in force, this offshore wind farm will be implemented through the individual notification procedure, outside of competitive tendering procedures.

The specialized expertise of the Group includes:

  • Significant technical and licensing experience which enables the development team of Copelouzos Group to handle all relevant issues with great success.
  • Inventing pioneering and innovative solutions, regarding the development of wind park clusters in islands and their interconnection with the mainland via submarine cables.

Moreover, the Group has launched important strategic partnerships with ENEL GREEN POWER (EGP) and NEK towards the development of wind Parks in Greece and Bulgaria respectively.

Recently, the Group signed a strategic cooperation Agreement with CHINA ENERGY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION LTD in order to develop joint projects in the wind energy sector.