Wind Parks

During the last years, the concerns about the greenhouse effect and the climate change due to the harmful consequences of the emissions have created a demand for clean and mild energy sources, such as the wind energy. Today, wind energy is the most rapidly developing source of energy worldwide, especially the last twenty years. Wind energy is the best solution not only due to environmental advantages, but also because it has become more and more competitive cost wise in the international energy market, particularly in comparison with conventional natural gas units.

One of the major objectives of the European Union is the promotion of the Renewable Energy Sources ( RES ), by setting binding targets to its member states in relation to the production of electric energy. The respective percentage – target of the RES contribution to the energy balance of Greece is 20% until 2020, whereas the percentage for production of electric energy is 40%.

Since 1997, COPELOUZOS GROUP, as a pioneer in energy issues, has included wind energy in the portfolio of its successful activities, being aware of the fact that this form of energy would constitute an important ingredient of the global energy mixture during the following decades.

The Group’s Wind Energy Development Team is experienced in every issue related to wind evaluation, energy study, planning and implementation of successful wind energy projects. Highly experienced personnel monitor, collect and analyze wind data from many areas throughout Greece in order to enhance the potential’s development, aiming to the construction of new wind parks.

COPELOUZOS GROUP, through ELICA GROUP, joint company of DAMCO ENERGY S.A. ( 50% ), member of COPELOUZOS GROUP and INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTIONAL S.A. ( 50% ), as one of the major leading participants in the RES market of Greece, has developed and constructed a large number of wind parks and small hydro plants, possessing an important position in the RES market of Greece, having set in operation wind parks of total installed capacity 300 MW.








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